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Rage, Reloaded

Note: this post originally appeared on the Indivisible14 Medium page.

This week, I have been feeling pretty hopeless about my activism.

You know those dreams where you are running and you are moving really slow? Or you try to scream and nothing comes out? That’s what this week in this administration feels like. Drowning in scandals that no one who can do anything seems to see. I felt tired and defeated.

And then Trump said this:

“So what’s going on with autism?” Trump asked. “When you look at the tremendous increase, it’s really such an incredible — it’s really a horrible thing to watch, the tremendous amount of increase. Do you have any idea?”

Yes, Donald. I do have an idea. They’ve changed the diagnosis over the years to include more people so that more people can get help.

And it’s not a horrible thing to watch. It’s really not. If you ever actually WATCHED A CHILD in YOUR LIFE, you might know this.

My rage has been reignited. I am ready to roll again.

-Jenny Zucker

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