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100 Days of Resistance

Indivisible 14 congratulates all of the individual groups of Indivisible from across the country for their many and continuing acts of resistance.

  • Together we stood tall as we spoke out in support of the Affordable Care Act and let Congress know that they cannot take healthcare away from 24 million people.

  • We let the Senate know that we did not want perfunctory hearings about Cabinet nominees and cheered as Democrats asked tough question, made speeches and persisted in their resistance to these often inappropriate choices.

  • We marched, demonstrated, made phone calls, brandished signs and sent emails and faxes announcing our displeasure with that legislation and the actions taken against immigrants, green card holders and Muslims.

  • We cheered in support of the Courts who ruled against these unconstitutional acts of scape goating and intolerance.

  • For Tax Day we joined others who marched to demonstrate our displeasure at the lack of transparency from this White House, the outright lies from many spokespersons, and the arrogant refusal of the President to release his tax returns; just what is he hiding?

  • We joined with scientists and environmentalists as we decried the departmental actions projected which would harm research efforts, climate change monitoring and scientific methods.

  • We noted the cruelty in the announced budget cuts which would enhance the military at the cost of shredding our social safety nets, and protections for clean air and water.

  • We cringed as the President sent missiles into Syria, a mega bomb into Afghanistan and troops into Yemen; now he is saber rattling against the unstable rogue nation of North Korea. We do not feel safer for these actions. We note that Syrian refugees are still not welcomed on these shores.

  • We wait for clarification of the hangers on in his campaign circles who may have colluded with Russia to influence our election process and doubt that this administration was totally unaware.

  • One hundred days is typically a benchmark which sets a standard for any new President and marks an administration for the days ahead; this President has little to show, aside from presenting a nomination for the Supreme Court (a nominee who will always have an asterisk as he was chosen by an illegitimate process since President Obama’s valid and qualified nominee was not even voted on by the Senate).

As many are planning to march yet again this week for the environment, Indivisible members will be there. We will be out there through the coming battles on healthcare and tax reform. We will be o

ut there reposting important news and speaking out again on fake news. We will continue to speak out for Democracy and plan for special elections and the 2018 mid terms. We will work to elect governors and act against gerrymandering. We will work to defeat this president in 2020. We have only 1360 days of resistance to go.

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