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Annapolis Rally for Healthcare 7/29/17

On a cool, windy and drizzly morning, people went to Annapolis to take a stand. They stood together for the right of people to have access to healthcare. However, the definition of access in this case is not the same definition of access that the GOP seems to feel is the correct one, but access with the ability to actually make use of and receive healthcare. Not access in that it is theoretically possible for a person to receive it, but that it is priced out of reach, or just a facade of healthcare, without any actual substance. Real healthcare, for real people.

If insurance changes from spreading the risk out among all so that rates remain low is no longer what the “market” is willing to go along with, then we may have to turn to a new framework for delivering healthcare. It is not reasonable to force people into decisions where they either pay for food and rent, or for medicine for a loved one. So many are working full time, even more than full time and still cannot afford healthcare. So to ask to make this situation harder, at the expense of those trying so hard to make ends meet and care for their loved ones, for the benefit of those who already have the kind of coverage most of us can only dream of, is simply not tenable. This is what the rally & march were about.

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