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Protect your right to vote!

Did you believe the President when he said that there were 3 million illegal voters who voted against him in 2016? If you are like me you thought this was a preposterous claim, but he and his followers are seriously attempting to prove this is true. 

Indivisible 14 will hear from MD Attorney General Brian Frosh who will discuss the state's opposition to this overreach by the Trump voter commission in calling for copies of all voter files containing privileged information from each state. A speaker from the ACLU will also let us know how we can oppose these efforts which could lead to merging of similar names and purging of millions of Democratic voters from the voter files across the country if carried out as the President envisioned. Date: Monday September 25th, 2017 Place: Marilyn Praisner Library 14910 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville MD Time: 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm Hope to see you there! You can register here:

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